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/log commandBlock <option>

Info when a command block or command block minecart executes command

It's useful to find out where the annoying hidden running command block is

With default throttled option every command block will log at the highest frequency once every 3 seconds


  • Default option: throttled
  • Suggested options: throttled, all


/log damage <target>

Info when a living entity gets damage and display how the damage gets calculated

Available logging targets:

  • all: Log damage from all living entities
  • players: Log damage with player participation
  • me: Log damage related to subscriber itself
  • <entity_type>: Log damage related to specified entity type. e.g. creeper
  • <entity_selector>:Log damage related to entities satisfies the given selector. e.g. Steve (player name), @e[distance=..10] (@ selector, requires permission level 2)


  • If you append a -> behind the target string, only damage dealt from the target will be logged
  • If you append a -> in front of the target string, only damage dealt to the target will be logged
  • If you contact 2 target strings with a ->, only damage dealt from the former target to the latter target will be logged

Besides ->, you can also use <-> as a bidirectional target connector to log damages between the two targets

Target examples:

  • ->me: Damage dealt to the subscriber itself
  • ->creeper: Damage dealt to creeper
  • vex->: Damage dealt from vex
  • zombie: Damage from / to zombies
  • minecraft:zombie: The same as zombie
  • me->zombie: Damage from the subscriber to zombies
  • me<->zombie: Damage between the subscriber and zombies
  • ->@e[distance=..10]: Damage dealt to entities within 10m of the subscriber


  • Default option: all
  • Suggested options: all, players, me, ->creeper, vex->, me->zombie, Steve, @e[distance=..10]


/log item <events>

Info when something happens to an item entity, for example item despawned after 5min

Available events:

  • create: An item entity is created in the world for any kinds of reason. Stack trace is included in the message
  • die: An item entity died
  • despawn: An item entity despawned

Use csv format, like despawn,die for logging multiple events

Available option separators: ,, . and (. is the only choice in 1.14.4 version)


  • Default option: despawn
  • Suggested options: despawn, die, despawn,die


/log lifetime <entity_type>

A HUD Logger

Displays the current lifetime statistic of specific entity type from the LifeTime Tracker in the dimension the player is in

The logging options is required to be an available entity type


  • Default option: N/A
  • Suggested options: All available entity types in current's lifetime tracking


/log lightQueue

A HUD logger for debugging light suppression. It displays the following information of the lighting task queue:

  • Average task accumulation speed
  • Current light queue size. Indicating with symbol S
  • Estimated duration of light suppression if the light suppressor is switched off now. Indicating with symbol T
  • Average task enqueuing speed
  • Average task executing speed

The sampling duration can be specified with rule lightQueueLoggerSamplingDuration, default 60gt

Specify the logging option to select the world you want log its light queue, like /log mobcaps


  • Default option: dynamic
  • Suggested options: dynamic, overworld, the_nether, the_end


/log memory

Display current memory usage of the server in HUD

Format: Used memory / Allocated memory | Max memory


  • Default option: N/A
  • Suggested options: N/A


/log microTiming <type>

Log micro timings of redstone components. The ticket of the chunk the component is in needs to be at least lazy-processing (ticket level 32)

Check rule microTiming for detail. Remember to use /carpet microTiming true to enable logger functionality

Available options:

  • all: Default value, log all events
  • merged: Log all events and merged continuous same events
  • unique: Log the first unique event in every gametick


  • Default option: merged
  • Suggested options: all, merged, unique


Available in Minecraft 1.18.2+

/log mobcapsLocal [<player>]

A HUD Logger

Like carpet's mobcaps logger, but what it displays is the local mobcap of the specified player

If no player is specified, it will display the local mobcap of the subscriber


  • Default option: N/A
  • Suggested options: Names of all online players


/log movement <target>

Switch: rule loggerMovement

Info when a living entity tries to move and display how the actual movement gets calculated

<target> is an entity selector. Make sure you have selector the necessary targets or expect log spam (@ selector requires permission level 2)

Additionally, appending non_zero: as the prefix in the <target> string will filter out those logs whose final movement vector is 0


  • Default option: non_zero:@a[distance=..10]
  • Suggested options: non_zero:@a[distance=..10], @s, non_zero:@e[type=creeper,distance=..5], Steve


/log phantom <options>

With option spawning, it informs when someone spawns a wave of phantoms

With option reminder, it reminds you when you haven't slept for 45min or 60min


  • Default option: spawning
  • Suggested options: spawning, reminder, spawning,reminder


/log raid

Info when these raid related events happen:

  • A raid has been created
  • A raid has been invalidated
  • The bad omen level of a raid has been increased
  • The center Position of a raid has been moved


  • Default option: N/A
  • Suggested options: N/A


/log scounter <color>

It's a HUD logger

Similar to carpet's counter logger for its hopper counter, this logger is used for showing items output from infinity item supplier hoppers created by rule hopperNoItemCost


  • Default option: N/A
  • Suggested options: All dye color names


/log ticket <types>

Info when a ticket is created or removed

Use csv format, like portal,dragon for logging multiple types of ticket

Available option separators: ,, . and (. is the only choice in 1.14.4 version)

Warning: Logging unknown ticket may make you get spammed


  • Default option: portal
  • Suggested options: portal,dragon, start, dragon, player, forced, light, portal, post_teleport, unknown


/log tickWarp <option>

A HUD logger to display to progress of current tick warping

It only shows up when the server is tick warping

See /tick warp status command for displaying more details of tick warp


  • Default option: bar
  • Suggested options: bar, value


/log turtleEgg

Logs when a turtle egg is trampled to broken


  • Default option: N/A
  • Suggested options: N/A


/log wanderingTrader

Logs when someone summon (actually, special natural spawning based on randomly chosen player) a wandering trader


/log xporb <events>

Basically the same as item logger but logs experience orb entities