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Available in Minecraft 1.16.4+



Registers a block position to be tracked with events by scarpet. It is added to a global tracker (which you can view with is_registered()).

Blocks in this list will trigger events in __on_microtiming_event if they occur, independently of the loggers.

Returns true if block was not previously in list, and false if it was.


Removes a block position from the list of block positions to be tracked

Returns true if block was previously in the list, and false if not.


Returns the list of block positions which are tracked by scarpet to trigger the block event events within scarpet.


Returns true or false based on whether that position is in the list of tracked block positions or not.


__on_microtiming_event(type, pos, dimension)

This event will trigger any time any event that can be tracked with the loggers occurs on one of the blocks tracked by scarpet, and that can be updated by the register_block and unregister_block functions.

The type determines the type of block event that occurs, which can be one of:

  • 'detected_block_update'
  • 'block_state_changed'
  • 'executed_block_event'
  • 'executed_tile_tick'
  • 'emitted_block_update'
  • 'emitted_block_update_redstone_dust'
  • 'scheduled_block_event'
  • 'scheduled_tile_tick'

Rule microTiming is required to be true for dispatching these events

Other stuffs

Carpet Rule Tweaks

  • Make carpet rule tntRandomRange works without carpet rule optimizedTNT or with lithium mod
  • Enhanced rule creativeNoClip: Following actions now ignore players in creativeNoClip state
    • Dispenser block placement
    • Xp orb tracking
    • Tripwire and pressure plate detecting
    • Entity movement caused by block change, e.g. farmland being broken
    • Calculation of collision boxes from entities, which will be used in e.g. entity (especially minecart and boat) movement calculation, boat placement

Carpet Command Tweaks


  • Add randomly argument for /player command to make the player perform action at dynamically varying random intervals
    • Supported random generators: uniform, poisson, gaussian, triangular
    • Support test run with --simulate
    • Use /player someone someaction randomly to get more help
  • Add rejoin argument for /player command to spawn fake player. Like /player spawn, but it preserves the fake player's last-login position and rotation
  • Add after argument for /player action pack commands. e.g. /player Steve use after 10 will make Steve right-click after a 10gt delay
  • Add perTick argument for /player action pack commands. e.g. /player Steve use perTick 4 will make Steve right-click 4 times per gametick
  • Add OP permission check to cheaty command /player <someone> mount anything
  • Set the maximum length of fake player's markerName to 16 to prevent kicking out other players (Works before fabric-carpet v1.4.38, fabric-carpet v1.4.38 implemented the same check)


  • Set the maximum /tick warp duration to Integer.MAX_VALUE for fabric-carpet before v1.4.18 (fabric-carpet v1.4.18 removed the /tick warp limit)
  • Add /tick warp status command to show the ongoing / previous tick warp status


  • Make /info entity work again
  • Show tile tick events & block events in /info block command
  • Add chunk loading state check for /info block command. Player with permission level < 2 cannot query block in unloaded chunk


  • Display the version of TIS Carpet Addition inside /carpet command
  • Add /spawn tracking restart for lazy man
  • Add OP permission check to command /log <loggerName> <option> <playerName> and /log clean <playerName> that controls logger subscription for other players

Carpet Misc Tweaks

  • Cancelled player action pack (triggered by /player command) ticking during /tick freeze
  • Fixed carpet fake player not responding to knockback from player melee attack (, which is fixed in fabric-carpet v1.4.33