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world ticking_order

/info world ticking_order

Show the ticking order of current dimensions in the game

world weather

/info world weather

Show weather properties of the world, and organize it into a nice weather forecast


A tracker to track lifetime and spawn / removal reasons from all newly spawned and dead entities

This tracker is mostly used to debug mobfarms. It aims to track the process from mob starting affecting the mobcap to mob being removed from the mobcap. The spawning tracking part of it doesn't cover every kind of mob spawning reasons

Other than being removed from the world, if a mob becomes persistent for the first time like nametagged or item pickup, it will be marked as removal too. If a mob doesn't count towards the mobcap when it spawns, it will not be tracked

This tracker also tracks lifetime of items and xp orbs from mob and block drops as an additional functionality. Note that it doesn't track all item / xp orb spawning, so you'd better have a test before actually using it

Adding a realtime suffix to the command will turn the rate result from in-game time based to realtime based

Check rule lifeTimeTrackerConsidersMobcap for switching the strategy with mobs that don't count towards mobcap


/lifetime tracking [<start|stop|restart>]

Control the lifetime tracker

Tracked entity types:

  • All kinds of mob (MobEntity) which count towards mobcap or rule lifeTimeTrackerConsidersMobcap is false
  • Item Entity
  • Experience Orb Entity
  • Vehicles, including minecarts and boats (and their variants)

Tracked entity spawn reasons

  • Block drop (item only)
  • Breeding
  • /summon command
  • Dropped from container (item only)
  • Dispensed by block
  • Spawned by item
  • Jockey
  • Jockey mount
  • Natural spawning
  • Enderman placed down a block (1.16+). Requires rule lifeTimeTrackerConsidersMobcap being set to true
  • Player login (for its vehicle)
  • Nether portal pigman spawning
  • Spawned in raid as raider
  • Slime division
  • Spawned by spawner
  • Be summoned by entity or block
  • Dismounts from a vehicle (1.16+). Requires rule lifeTimeTrackerConsidersMobcap being set to true
  • Zombie Reinforce
  • Mob drop (item and xp orb only)
  • Mob throw (item only)
  • Mob conversion
  • Status effect (e.g. oozing and infested in mc1.20.5+)
  • Trans-dimension

Note that only entities that have been tracked spawning will be counted to the statistic

Tracked entity removal reasons

  • Despawn, including immediately despawn, random despawn, difficulty despawn and timeout despawn
  • Self-exploded (e.g. creeper)
  • Collected up by hopper or hopper minecart (item only)
  • Entity merged (item and xp orb only)
  • Becomes persistent. Requires rule lifeTimeTrackerConsidersMobcap being set to true
  • Enderman picked up a block (1.16+). Requires rule lifeTimeTrackerConsidersMobcap being set to true
  • Player logout (for its vehicle)
  • Rides on a vehicle (1.16+). Requires rule lifeTimeTrackerConsidersMobcap being set to true
  • Entering void
  • Picked up by player or mob (item and xp orb only)
  • Mob conversion
  • Damaged to death
  • Trans-dimension
  • Other (anything else not in the list). If some other important reason is not tracked, feel free to make a feature request issue

The definition of lifetime is: The amount of spawning stage passing between entity spawning and entity removal, in other words, how many gameticks does the entity counts towards mobcap. Technically the injection point for the passing spawning stage counter increment is right before the world recalculating the mobcap

Statistics are sorted by the proportion of the amount


/lifetime <entity_type> [<life_time|removal|spawning>]

Show the detail statistic of specific entity type. You can specify which part of the statistic will be output

For example, /lifetime creeper shows all statistic of creeper in detail, and /lifetime creeper removal only shows removal statistic of creeper in detail


/lifetime filter <entity_type> set <entity_selector>
/lifetime filter <entity_type> clear

Set an entity filter for given entity type. Use global as the <entity_type> to set filter globally

Entities need to be accepted by the related filter to be record by the lifetime tracker

Filter is input as an @e style Minecraft entity selector. e.g. @e[distance=..100,nbt={Item:{id:"minecraft:oak_sapling"}}]

Use /lifetime filter to display current activated filters


Manipulate the world


/manipulate container

Manipulate data structure containers of the world, including:

Container nameCommand prefixSupport operations
Entity listentityreverting, shuffling
Tickable tile entity listtileentityreverting, shuffling, query overall / specified position information
Tile tick queuetiletickadd item, remove items at position
Block event queueblockeventadd item, remove items at position

Command lists:

/manipulate container entity [revert|shuffle]
/manipulate container tileentity [query|revert|shuffle|statistic]
/manipulate container tiletick add <pos> <block> <delay> [<priority>]
/manipulate container tiletick remove <pos>
/manipulate container blockevent add <pos> <block> <type> <data>
/manipulate container blockevent remove <pos>


Manipulate target entities

/manipulate entity <entity_selector> [actions]

Command lists:

Set / Clear target entities custom name

/manipulate entity <target> rename <name_text>
/manipulate entity <target> rename clear

Query / Set target entities persistent tag state

/manipulate entity <target> persistent
/manipulate entity <target> persistent set <state>

Target entities vehicle logic control

/manipulate entity <target> mount <vehicle>
/manipulate entity <target> dismount

Target entities velocity logic control. nan and inf can be used as the velocity values

/manipulate entity <target> velocity [add|set] <x> <y> <z>


Test the network connection between the client and the server, including download / upload speed, and average ping



Show some information of speed test command, including:

  • A simple command description
  • The current maximum test size
  • The client support status


/speedtest download [<size_mib>]

Test the download speed, i.e. traffic from the server to the client


  • size_mib: The amount of speed test traffic. Unit: MiB. Default: 10


/speedtest upload [<size_mib>]

Test the upload speed, i.e. traffic from the client to the server


  • size_mib: The amount of speed test traffic. Unit: MiB. Default: 10


/speedtest ping [<count>] [<interval>]

Test the ping between the server and the client for given amount of rounds

The server will send a ping to the client, then the client will send a pong back to the server. Then the ping for this round is the time interval between the server sending ping and receiving pong


  • count: The amount of ping test rounds. Default: 4
  • interval: The minimum interval between 2 pings. Unit: second. Default: 1


/speedtest abort [<size_mib>]

Abort the current ongoing test (download, upload or ping)



/raid list [<full>]

List information of all current raids


/raid tracking [<start|stop|restart|realtime>]

Start a raid tracking to gather statistics from ongoing raids


/raycast block <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> [<shapeMode>] [<fluidMode>]

Perform a block raycast from (x1, y1, z1) to (x2, y2, z2) with given shape mode and fluid mode, then show the raycast result

Argument <shapeMode> and <fluidMode> are optional. See below for their default values

Shape mode (see

  • collider (default value)
  • outline
  • visual (mc1.16+)
  • falldamage_resetting (mc1.18.2+)

Fluid mode (see

  • none (default value)
  • source_only
  • any
  • water (mc1.18.2+)

WARNING: Raycast between 2 coordinate that are too far apart might cause unexpected chunk loading



/refresh inventory: Refresh your inventory

/refresh inventory <players>: Refresh selected players' inventory. Requires permission level 2


/refresh chunk: The same as /refresh chunk current

/refresh chunk current: Refresh the current chunk you are in

/refresh chunk all: Refresh all chunks within your view distance

/refresh chunk inrange <chebyshevDistance>: Refresh all chunks within the given chebyshev distance

/refresh chunk at <chunkX> <chunkZ>: Refresh the chunk at given position

All chunk refresh operations only affect chunks within your view distance

Multiple chunk refreshing creates lags on server's network thread due to packet compression, so there is an input thresholder for the command to prevent packet over-accumulation


/removeentity <target>: Removed target entities from the world directly and cleanly

Notes that for storage vehicle entities, they won't drop the containing items

This command does not affect players at all


Similar to carpet's /counter command for its hopper counter, this command is used for counting items output from infinity item supplier hoppers created by rule hopperNoItemCost

/scounter: View statistics for all supplier counters

/scounter reset: Reset all supplier counters

/scounter <color> [realtime]: View statistics for specified supplier counter. Append suffix realtime to display the rate using real time

/scounter <color> reset: Reset specified supplier counter


Immediately Block the current thread for given duration, can be used to create lag

Use this command in command block with rule instantCommandBlock to create lag at any time you want

/sleep: Show help

/sleep <duration> (s|ms|us): Sleep for given time duration in given time unit

Available time units:

  • s: Second, 1 * 10 ^ 0s
  • ms: Milli-second, 1 * 10 ^ -3s
  • us: Micro-second, 1 * 10 ^ -6s



Available in Minecraft 1.18.2+

/spawn mobcapsLocal [<player>]

Display the local mobcap of the specified player in format like carpet's /spawn mobcaps command

If no player is specified, it will display the local mobcap of the command source

See also: tickWarp logger


warp status

/tick warp status

Display the current status of tick warping, including starter, estimated remaining time etc.

See tickWarp logger for easier access